About Us

Explore Abroad Club is a nonprofit social networking and media platform for cross-cultural travel.

In EAC we believe that living in a different culture for a period of time is beneficial to the individual and the world as a whole. So we try to make this kind of journey(studying, working or living abroad) more efficient and fun.

Our Earth Village will become an even better place if more and more people travel around the world, get to know each other better, and think of ourselves as the Global Citizens who:

  • Respect people from different cultures.

  • Thankful for the culture diversity in our planet and humble to learn from others.

  • Believe in different nations helping each other will make our world better.

Explore Abroad Club is a nonprofit organization based in Auckland, New Zealand.

EAC is dedicated to promoting the Global Citizen story in our planet. You are warmest welcome to join us if you like our mission.

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