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A year ago, when people asked why I choose to study in New Zealand, I will give a standard answer like: I like the country’s beautiful scenery and the fresh air. But after studying in Auckland for one and a half year, I will definitely change my answer: I like the people here. We always say that Kiwis are very layback and have the sense of humor. But that’s not the whole picture. Today I'd like to share the experience and knowledge I have about the New Zealand Red Cross. I hope that after reading this, you might find out more merit for the people and the country.

  • The culture of volunteering

New Zealanders are highly engaged in volunteer jobs. New Zealand Red Cross, as part of the world’s largest humanitarian organization, has more than 15000 members and volunteers. I happened to talk to some retired kiwi friends, found that they more or less doing some volunteer jobs in the Red Cross. However, what surprised me is that not only the seniors engaged in the volunteering, youngsters are very active in play the role as well. I once got a chance to watch the presentation of two high school students and really impressed by the program they designed to get more help for the refugees. During my street appeal fundraising for Cyclone Gita with the Red Cross, I found that most Kiwis really care about the others. And they give the donation with a humble and friendly attitude.

  • Some of the advantages of getting involved

As a member, you’ll have many opportunities to inspired by the organization and people. For example, the free documentary movie of Syrian refugee’s story, which educates people what the poignant life like and how important for us to give real help; On the Auckland area forum, we listened to the stories shared by great people about how to help people in need; at the latest NZRC meeting, we learned how different poor people are living through some games; During my volunteering in the Pacific disaster fundraising, I was grouped with a nice kiwi grandpa who showed great passion in the work, and for the first time to have the chance to watch a rugby game.

  • Different Roles

There are many different forms to get involved in the Red Cross. Meals on Wheels provide hot meals to the doorsteps to people in need. The only requirements are your dedicated mind and have a driving license. Disaster management responding to natural disasters anytime anywhere will need a first aid training before taking part in. For me, I found it very interesting to work in an opportunity shop. Every day we have volunteers of different nationalities to work together. We receive donations from people then sell at a very low price. The wide range of stuff even the one who has worked many years in an op shop can’t name all of it. The money goes straight to help the poor people. You can check out more roles descriptions on the Red Cross web page.

  • 7 Principles

Join the New Zealand Red Cross during your study in New Zealand, you’ll find what you get is more than what you think. The 7 principles of the Red Cross: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and universality will gradually instill into your thought and your behavior, and change your life in a good way finally.


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